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ORICO Serial SATA III Cable with Locking Latch, 0.6M

/ / / / ORICO Serial SATA III Cable with Locking Latch, 0.6M

ORICO Serial SATA III Cable with Locking Latch, 0.6M

Product Specification:

  • ColorBlue
  • DimensionStraight-through Connector (24x14x6mm)
  • InterfaceSATA
  • Cable Length0.6M
  • Data Transfer Speed6 Gbps
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SATA3.0 dual channel aluminum foil data cable
SATA3.0 specification, 6Gbps speed

SATA3.0 provides 6Gbps connection speed among storage unit, disc drive, optical drive, tape drive and host bus adapter, also ensures new network level of performance, triple faster than SATA2.0.

Powerful karabiners, locking firmly
Guarantee stable transmission

After both ends with spring blades install and it gets stuck tightly, perfectly fitting with mainboard / hard drive port, ensuring the security and stability of data transfer.

Dual aluminum foil shield
Stronger anti-interference

CPD-7P6G-BC60 adopts dual aluminum foil shield, which provides stable, integrated and fast transmission without interference; HD movie, wonderful video or lossless music, just enjoy as you will.

Tinning copper wire, industrial standard
Thick diameter, superior quality

Thick oxygen-free copper wire with aluminum foil shield greatly improves data transfer rate and reduces heat loss.

Mature technology, excellent quality

Mature technology, advanced manufacturing equipment and strict product testing make every product, which can be plugged and pulled for many times.


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